One visit porcelain restorations

CEREC is a CAD/CAM system used for the fabrication of all-ceramic inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers and even implant restorations. Once your tooth has been prepared, the CEREC 3D camera images your teeth in seconds, eliminating the need for messy or unpleasant impressions. Your restoration is designed while you watch, milled out of a solid ceramic block then bonded directly to your tooth, eliminating the need for any temporaries. These highly-aesthetic, tooth-colored restorations are metal-free and biocompatible, giving you a durable, long-lasting restoration!

 3D implants

2-dimensional x-rays help us diagnose disease, decay and periodontal problems. 3-dimensional x-rays (CBCTs) offer much more expansive and conclusive data. Cracked teeth, inflamed sinuses, blocked or pinched airways and infections are very easily diagnosed from our digital CBCTs. We also utilize CBCTs with wisdom tooth removal and in implant treatment planning.

Guided implant surgery is the most predictable way to place an implant due to our preparation – we can place your implant in the perfect place virtually before you even schedule your surgery. Once your case is planned, we send all the information to our partner company in Germany, SICAT, who provide us with a custom “stent” or guide that fits securely onto your teeth. There is a hole in the stent where your implant will be placed, allowing for the exact angulation and depth decided during your implant planning and virtual surgery. Guided implant surgery allows us to work around complex nerve and sinus areas, providing you with fewer risks & ultimately a less painful implant surgery process.

We currently utilize a soft tissue laser, which functions on a wavelength that is highly absorbable by water and hemoglobin (oxygenating protein in red blood cells), penetrating soft tissue while sealing blood vessels and nerve endings. This may be incorporated into your periodontal treatment as the laser therapy has the ability to kill bacteria and activate the re-growth of some tissues.

You may also have this recommended during your CEREC restorations for gingival (gum) contouring or to allow Dr. Matt or Dr. Tim to have a clear view of the outline of your tooth, allowing for better impressions and ultimately more esthetic restorations.

When your teeth are in proper alignment, it’s easier to brush and floss, reducing plaque retention, tooth decay and helping with the maintenance of healthy pockets between your teeth and gums. Straight teeth have a reduced risk of chips, breaks and wear and can even reduce stress on your jaw joint and improve breathing.

invisalign® uses clear aligners to predictably move your teeth in a procedure that is less painful than traditional braces. If you are one of the seven out of ten American adults dealing with a bite issue – whether it’s crowding, spacing or an overbite – ask us if Invisalign® may be right for you.

Zoom! is the number one in-office professional whitening treatment that uses advanced LED light-accelerated technology and 25% hydrogen peroxide gel to lighten teeth up to eight shades with little to no sensitivity. Can’t commit to the two hour in-office treatment? We also offer custom bleaching trays and take home gel so you can whiten in the comfort of your home.

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