Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Abenaki Dental Care is to offer quality dentistry in a convenient, comfortable setting.  We offer many services to fill the needs of different individuals.  Listed below are Abenaki Dental Care's different approaches to different needs.

On healthy patients

The goal with our healthy patients is to maintain their health.  We motivate these patients to stay on top of their daily maintenance by offering free bleach trays and free supply of prescription-level bleach.  Everyone wants whiter teeth, why not reward the patients in our practice that are putting forth the attentiveness needed to maintain their health.  However, not everyone is lucky enough to maintain their oral health with maintenance alone.  Genetics, nutrition, and general wellness also influence our oral health and some are luckier than others.  

On patients without teeth

Why would people without teeth need to see the dentist?  For many reasons.  These individuals are some of the least served patients in terms of maintaining their oral health.  Those wearing complete dentures (plates, false teeth) need to see their dentist regularly. 

Individuals without teeth will continue losing their jawbone.  Patients wearing dentures lose the bone even faster.  The denture rests on gum tissue, restricting blood flow to the tissue.  The result is atrophy of the jaw, or continued loss of bone under their dentures for the rest of their life.  The solution for most of these individuals is dental implants under their existing dentures.  The implants support the denture, removing embarassing movement when the individual talks, chews, sneezes, or belly laughs.  The implants serve an additional role in maintaining bone.  The implants stimulate the jawbone like natural teeth and we see a huge reduction in bone loss.  The benefits to reduced bone loss are too extensive to list.  Without implants, bone loss continues changing the patient's face.  Some have a "reverse smile" or frown from the bone loss and don't know why their smile is gone.  More late stage denture wearers get rotation of the chin upwards, commonly referred to as "witches chin."  Some have jaw fractures.  Others are unable to wear a denture.  People without teeth are welcome at Abenaki Dental Care. 

On Adult patients wanting oral health but not sure where to start 

Chose a dentist with the same health philosophy and values that match yours.  Our focus is quality care and relationships with our patients.  Patients that seem to really value our office, are those individuals seeking an office to discuss solutions extensively with a dentist that offers the latest technologically advanced solutions in restorative and implant dentistry.  Patients that want control in their oral health typically like our office if they are open to expert advice in regards to prevention of dentures.

Once you have a dentist that you see "eye-to-eye" with, come up with a comprehensive plan that solves your needs that fit his/her health models.  Then maintain the health with daily maintenance.  Life is Good. Enjoy it.