Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are EMAX Crowns?

    Beautiful all-ceramic crowns with the highest strength of porcelain known to dentistry.  The crowns differ because they have crystalline structure.  The previous styles of stronger porcelains had two types of porcelain bonded together resulting in failures between the two materials.  Emax crowns are milled out of a single porcelain block to avoid the fractures of previous crowns.
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  • What is Cerec Dentistry?

    Cerec dentistry involves a computer and a robot.  We initiate the process by take a picture of your tooth with our computer.  We then design the restoration on the computer.  Ten minutes later, your restoration is ready for cementation.  The ability to control factors such as thickness, result in a longer-lasting restoration.  The porcelain appears very lifelike, with translucency.  No second visit, no temporary crowns or fillings.

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