Abenaki Dental Care is committed to offering our patients the latest technologies to enhance their dental visit experience and deliver better results.  Below is a list of several of the technologies that we offer:



Cone Beam 3-Dimensional Xray

Guided surgery 3d cone beam 3-dimensional xrays?  Why?  2-D xrays provide much data to help dentists diagnose disease and problems.  3-Dimensional scans offer much more conclusive data.  Cracks, for instance, usually cannot be deciphered off a 2-D Xray.  However, the crack is easily diagnosed from 3-D scans.  In addition, we use our 3-D scanner for implant treatment planning and Guided Implant Surgery (see subject further below.)  This allows us to provide a more cost-effective solution for dental implants that has numerous benefits.  Less pain is a major factor for most patients.  We can perform what is called a "flapless" dental implant, which reduces morbidity and pain post-operatively. 



Cerec Dentistry (Computer assisted fillings, crowns and veneers in one-visit.  No temporaries. Cerec dentistry essentially involves a computer and a robot.  The Cerec system creates beautiful, all -ceramic crowns, fillings, and veneers.  It offers the most technologically advanced materials using factory-pressed porcelain.  The Cerec system  saves you time because we no longer use temporary crowns.  No second visit.  Better materials.  No goopy impressions.  This porcelain type performs better than our previous lab-ordered porcelains that were "painted" on metal and fired in an oven.  The result speaks for itself, look at the picture below.  Can you determine which teeth have the older-generation porcelain-fused-to metal crowns?  Which crowns do not?







Guided Implant Surgery

Guided Implant Surgery is the most predicatable way to place an implant, period.  The reason is we place the dental implant in the perfect place virtually by using our 3D xray scan technology, on our computer before we get the patient numb and place the implant.  We combine the xray information with the information provided from our Cerec computer digital imaging system (we take 30 seconds and take computer pictures of your teeth.)  I then plan the case and send the information to our partner in Germany, SICAT, which provides a "stent," or plastic piece that snaps into the patients' existing teeth.  The stent has a hole in it, providing the exact angulation and depth of the implant we decided upon in our virtual surgery.  This allows us to predictably place implants around nerves and sinus areas.  The real benefit to the patient is we no longer make cuts into the gums, peeling the gum tissue off of the bone to determine where the bone is.  We know where the bone is from our 3D xray scan.  Now we make a 3-5 millimeter circular hole in the gums, directly where the implant will be placed.  The patient has substantially less pain and can feel more secure that complications will not occur. 


Laser Dentistry

Although laser dentistry has not progressed to the level of usage most dentists would prefer, there are some benefits for certain procedures.   We use laser dentistry only for soft tissue modifications (gums).   At this point in time, we prefer to use electric handpieces for hard tissue modifications.  We also use the laser for adjunctive procedures such as in implant dentistry or cerec dentistry.

Under Armour Performance Mouthwear

mouthguardJaw dropping performance.  Under Armour mouthwear has advantages unlike any other mouthpieces for sports.  The patented design puts your jaws in proper alignment.  Clinical studies have supported increased VO2 Max, strength, endurance, and improved balance.  Many Olympians, NCAA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and PGA tour stars have embraced the technology and are using the mouthwear at the highest professional levels.   Recently, professional stars Derek Jeter, Manny Ramirez, Hunter Mahan, Adrian Peterson have used these products for training with positive results.






EMAX Crowns

Beautiful all-ceramic crowns with the highest strength of porcelain known to dentistry.  The crowns differ because they have crystalline structure.  The previous styles of stronger porcelains had two types of porcelain bonded together resulting in failures between the two materials.  Emax crowns are milled out of a single porcelain block to avoid the fractures of previous crowns.


Satellite Radio, IPOD docks

We typically play Sirius Coffeehouse acoustic music throughout the day.   Don’t like acoustic?  Just ask to put your favorite station on and we will do our best to accommodate everyone.   IPOD docks are also available for your listening pleasure.

“Movie Screen” and Noise-cancellation headphones

Ever bored during a one-hour dental appointment?  We have Comcast cable television with noise-cancellation headphones to make your appointment more enjoyable.  In addition, we are compiling a large DVD collection for your movie-viewing pleasure.  The headphones minimize the sounds of dental drills, etc.  Bring a movie or chose one of ours!

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras help us communicate with our patient.  Our goal is to help our patients visualize areas of concern so they can better understand abstract terms.