"My dentures don't fit like they used to!"



If you have a set of dentures or partial dentures and you are wondering why they don't fit as well as they once did, this blog is for you.  Abenaki Dental Care is the seacoasts' "one-stop shop" for all implant services including sedation, surgery, and restoring the teeth over the implant.  

The answer to the poor fit is not because you are doing anything wrong.  The reason they are looser is due to the loss of bone underneath the denture.  This is the part of the story that patients are not typically aware of when they are having a single tooth or multiple teeth removed.  The bone loss is quite extensive in the first year.  The rate of bone loss then decreases, but the bone loss continues.  

The worst part is after decades of wearing dentures, some people start to see changes in their face (hollow cheeks, frowning even while you attempt to smile, sagging facial skin) due to the bone loss.

The solution:

The solution is generally determined by the amount of teeth being removed.  


Single teeth:  The solution is to graft the bone after extraction and place a dental implant.  The implant will maintain the bone exceedingly better than either a denture or a partial denture.  In fact, even a "bridge" on teeth will typically experience similar bone loss volumes.  

All your teeth:  We have several solutions based on your budget and desire to acheive additional comfort or better chewing capabilities.  Most of our solutions are based around dental implant support.  Support the bone, the bone maintains the appearance of the bottom 1/3 of your face.  There is no better anti-aging solution for those whom already lost their teeth and are starting to see the changes in your face.  


Why Abenaki Dental Care?

Dr. Matthew Heimbach is a unique clinician in that he is credentialed to offer IV sedation (put patients to sleep), vast surgical experience including extracting, grafting, and placing dental implants, AND restoring the implant with either a single tooth (crown or cap) or an entire arch (full arch implant supported dentures.)  

There are 2 concepts of full arch implant supported dentures:  fixed or removable.  One cannot be removed by you (patient) and the other can (removable.)  Dr. Heimbach prefers the fixed solution as he is more capable of restoring your comfort, function, and look of natural teeth.  Dr. Heimbach prefers this affordable solution as the closest thing to replacing your natural teeth.

Dr. Heimbach's training includes post-doctoral training in the United States Air Force where he was honored as the chief resident for his Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency.  At Keesler AFB hospital (81st medical group) - Dr. Heimbach completed his anesthesia rotation in 2002 receiving his certificate for Intravenous sedation.  In 2012, Dr. Heimbach was fortunate to train with Dr. Carl E. Misch at the Misch International Implant Institute (est. 1984) for an entire year focusing on complex techniques surrounding dental implant surgery including sinus grafting, complex bone grafts, full arch dental implant surgery, and single tooth cosmetic replacements.  Dr. Carl E. Misch is widely considered a world-wide expert.  

Dr. Heimbach focuses on replacing teeth with the highest quality parts.  Dr. Heimbach does not place "knock-off" or "discounted" dental implants on ANY of his patients.  Dr. Heimbach uses Biohorizon implants exclusively.  Dr. Heimbach's uses labs in California and New York - and has done so since the beginning of his career.  We are a quality-based practice delivering the best dental materials available.  

ONE:  One office, One fee, ONe warranty, One Doctor.  One plan to improve the comfort, function, and look of your teeth.